Middle Earth Language Families

These are the languages of Middle Earth, as described in Tolkien’s The Simarillion, The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy and other stories.

Elvish Languages

  • Primitive Quenian – The Proto-Elvish Language. All other Elvish Languages evolved from this one.
  • Common Eldarin – The language of the Elves who first came to Middle Earth.
  • Quenya- The language of a tribe of elves known as the Vanyar and a secondary language of the Noldor.
  • Telerin- The language of the Teleri elves. Very similar grammatically to Quenya.
  • Ilkorin – The language of the elves of Beleriand. Descended from Telerin.
  • Sindarin – Primary language of the Noldor.
  • Avari – A group of six languages spoken by cave and forest-dwelling elves.
  • Nandorin – An extinct language, once spoken by the elves of Mirkwood and Lothllorien.

Human Languages

  • Westron (Common Speech) -. The closest thing to a linga franca on Middle Earth. Spoken by a majority of humans and hobbits.
  • Dalish – Spoken in the city of Dale.
  • Rohirric – The language of Rohan.
  • Rhovanian – The language of the Wilderland region of Middle Earth.
  • Dlendish – Spoken by the Dunlendings, forest dwellers of Eriador.
  • Drûg – The language of the Drúedain, a Neanderthal-like people who lived in the woods of Beleriand.
  • Haradrim – Spoken in the lands south of Gondor and Mordor.
  • Easterling – Spoken in the lands east of the Sea of Rhûn.
  • Taliska – An extinct language, once spoken by the descendants of Beor and Hador.
  • Adûnaic – An extinct language once spoken on the island of Númeor. The ancestor of Westron and Rohirric.

Dwarf Languages

  • Khuzdul – The secret language of the Dwarves. Never spoken in the presence of outsiders.

Ent Languages

  • Old Entish – The long, plodding language of the Ents, mostly incomprehensible to outsiders.
  • New Entish – Quenya vocabulary applied to the grammatical structure of Old Entish.

Vala Languages

  • Valarin – Language of the god-like Vala.

Dark Languages

  • Black Speech – Artificial language created by Sauron to be the language of his servants in Mordor.
  • Orcish dialects – A combination of Black Speech, Westron and bits and pieces of languages from conquered people. The dialect of one Orcish tribe is often times unintelligible to another.

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